Guest Post: m&m Cookies



Hi Friends! We just returned from an amazing trip to Orlando, Miami, and Key West; but that’s what’s not I want to talk about right now. Right now I want to tell you that I’ve been honored to be guest posting over at my blogging buddy’s, Faaiza of Modest Munchies, site!

Faaiza and my paths’ somehow crossed amongst the vast foodie blogosphere, and since then we have become very good friends. I was honored when she asked that I guest post over on her space, and for that I thank you Faaiza 🙂

You can catch the post and recipe for m&m cookies, a totally kid-friendly and overall everyone-friendly, here! 🙂


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  1. Niceeee, hope u had awesome time. I went to Florida around 8 hours ago with hubby. It was fun, loved the universal studios.

    Perfect timing, I’ve tons of m&m’s at home, totally going to make these for the kids iA.

    • Ahh, that Florida trip was a nice break from the crazy sub-zero temperatures we’ve been dealing with lately! Although lately it looks like we’re catching a break and finally there’s a sign of Spring in the air 🙂

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